The Belt Group of Companies

Quality Construction With A Commitment To Integrity And Safety

Headquartered in Cumberland, Maryland, our services include but are not limited to:

  • Public Works/Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Concrete Construction
  • Renovations and Historic Renovations
  • Roofing/Re-Roofing
  • Paving/Street Print
  • Industrial Construction
  • School Construction
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Site Development
  • Crane Rentals
  • Concrete Pumping

One of the consistent elements of success has been the quality of the Belt team and its commitment to our customers. The following companys are a large part of our team:

Belt Construction

Quality Construction

Carl Belt, Inc. continues to build upon its history of steady growth by maintaining its standard of excellence as one of the oldest and largest construction leaders in the region.

One consistent element of the company’s success has been its standard for building quality projects on time and within budget. As one of the largest general contractors in the area, Belt’s clients receive top management involvement from beginning to end. A skilled and talented field staff also brings years of experience, as well as practical, common sense on-site techniques for your project. Whatever your construction needs — renovation of existing facilities or new construction — Carl Belt, Inc. has the experience, manpower, and bonding capacity to do the job.

Licensed in four states — Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia — Belt Construction self-performs approximately 70% of all work on its construction projects including site-work, excavation, concrete, carpentry, and steel erection. The firm also owns and rents eleven cranes ranging in size from 22 to 165 tons, as well as, various pieces of excavating and demolition equipment. Generally, The Belt Group of Companies employs 150 to 250 full-time people — including office staff, engineers, draftsmen, craftsmen, laborers, and mechanics — and has an average annual sales volume of $40 million.

Carl Belt Inc. is an authorized dealer for Varco-Pruden buildings — functional, affordable metal buildings that are durable and attractive for industry, recreation, agriculture, educational, and commercial use.

Belt Paving

Quality paving for the Tri-State

In 1994, Carl Belt, Incorporated — one of the oldest and largest construction leaders in the region — continued an impressive history of steady growth by recognizing the community’s need for a general contractor who offered direct paving services to its clients and expanded into the bituminous paving market.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carl Belt, Inc., Belt Paving has established a strong presence in the local paving industry by building upon the solid reputation of The Belt Group of Companies and emphasizing its own proven performance for quality and service.

Offering quality workmanship for all your paving needs, Belt Paving understands the importance of meeting budget and schedule requirements without sacrificing attention to detail. Showcasing an excellent team of quality personnel — ranging from the office staff to field workforce — Belt Paving’s total commitment remains from beginning to end.

As one of the area’s largest commercial and industrial paving contractors, Belt Paving’s resume of projects includes the resurfacing and rehabilitation of interstates, state routes, county roads, city streets and commercial parking lots, as well as, airport taxiways, and golf course cart paths.

Waxler Road Plant

Since 1998, the Waxler Road Plant has been producing quality asphalt for the region. The Plant is owned by Belt Paving, Inc., a local leader in the paving industry, and produces the HMA mixes used for their various contracts.  Our hardworking team knows the importance of a quick turnaround for your schedule requirements and the need for attention to detail – the Plant will be able to produce material to meet any budget or scheduling needs.

The Waxler Road Plant produces a variety of HMA mixes for both private and state projects. The Plant is located at the intersection of WV 956 & Waxler Road, and the material can reach just about any area destination within an hour of travel.


Combining the highest standard of quality and excellence

Incorporated in response to the growing need for an elite merit shop contractor in the community, Harbel, Inc. succeeds by combining the highest standards of quality and excellence into an unrivaled finished product.

Following the highest principles of safety and working conditions, Harbel Inc. has found a niche in the area’s small business community. Specializing in fire & water damage restoration, church renovations and commercial construction, Harbel, Inc. provides their clients with superior workmanship and practical advice.

Maintaining a consistent level of expertise and skill, the Harbel staff brings years of experience and construction knowledge to their clients. Harbel, Inc. understands the importance of your time and budget — whether your needs are the renovation of existing facilities or new construction. Therefore, by striving to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible, Harbel guarantees that your project remains their top priority.

Since its incorporation in 1974, Harbel has steadily achieved recognition within the area as an organization with a commitment to excellence. Concentrating on building a broad resume of work, Harbel’s array of projects includes renovation work for local municipality buildings, churches, banks, schools, health care facilities, colleges and universities, restaurants, and numerous other small businesses in our area.

Hite Roofing

Industrial & Commercial Roofing – Specializing in Roofing & Architecural Sheet Metal

Hite Roofing, an industrial and commercial roofing contractor, is known throughout the local industry as a firm with the expertise and equipment to complete and size roofing project — including new roofing, re-roofing, maintenance, and repairs.

Strong financial capabilities and a professional manner give Hite Roofing the best bonding capacity available and, as a trained and experienced roofing contractor, Hite Roofing will help you make the best decision for your building and your budget — using quality materials produced by reputable manufacturers. As approved manufacturing applicators of Firestone Rubberguard, Manville Systems SPM & NDL Built-up, Tamko Asphalt Productions, Goodyear Versiquard & Hysunite Systems, and Allied Signal Black Armour Coal Tar roofing systems, Hite Roofing features a commitment to service that extends beyond the completion of the roof construction and is fully-guaranteed and warranted through the manufacturer.

Since its incorporation in 1986, Hite Roofing has established its commitment to the industry by its service-oriented principles. As a full-service company, using the latest technological developments available — including tools, machinery and a modern sheet-metal facility, Hite Roofing honors its commitment to quality and safety on a daily basis. Hite Roofing also fabricates and installs all types of architectural sheet-metal flashing, as well as, custom fabricated and pre-manufactured standing seam metal roof systems.

Hite Roofing emphasizes the importance of meeting their clients; needs, while meeting budget and schedule requirements without sacrificing quality detail. Hite Roofing’s broad project experience includes banks, churches, schools, health care and hospital facilities, office buildings, commercial complexes, and industrial plants.

Belt Cranes

From our first crane purchased in 1973, to our most recent acquisitions of a Link Belt HTC-8690 and HTC-8675, 90 and 75 ton truck cranes, Belt Cranes has all of your lifting needs covered. We currently have 11 cranes in our fleet. The smallest is a Grove 22 Ton Rough Terrain and the largest is 165 Ton AC120 DeMag All Terrain. Belt Cranes performs not only daily taxi crane rental type work such as modular home sets, roof top unit replacements, and equipment assist crane work, but also more complex lifts such as pre-cast dock planks for bridge systems, port-a-dam assembly, pile driving, steel erection, and concrete placement. From the simple to the complex, allow us to conduct a site-visit and devise a plan for your project. Where applicable, we use a 3D Lift Plan Software to better illustrate your lift.

Our cranes are licensed and certified yearly by a third party inspection team. Our rigging is clearly tagged with permissible load limits. All of our operators are NCOO certified for operating, signaling, and rigging.

Whether your crane needs are big or small, give us a call! For pricing please contact Dave Madden at 301-729-8900 or 1-888-729-1616.

Quarry Ridge Corp.

Providing quality trucking and hauling services

Quarry Ridge Corp. has the experience and equipment to meet your trucking and hauling needs. Our services include, but are not limited to, hauling of material such as blacktop, gravel, or topsoil, parking lot and roadway sweeping, and plowing.

Quarry Ridge Corp. understands the time constraints for hauling services on the job. With over 20 dump trucks in our fleet and our experienced team, we have the flexibility and skill to get the job done right. Our fleet also boasts two sweeper trucks to handle any parking lot or roadway sweeping needs. For the winter months, we even offer plowing services. We have built a strong reputation for providing quality work on time..